2014 Boys High School Schedule
2014 Girls High School Schedule
2014 Boys Junior High School Schedule
2014 Girls Junior High School Schedule

Varsity Boys Coach - Chris Nocerini

Varsity Girls Coach - Jackie Guilliani
JV Boys Coach - Dave Graff
JV Girls Coach - Kim Bjork
8th Grade Boys Coach - Kurt Anderson
8th Grade Girls Coach - Shari Tollefson
7th Grade Boys Coach - Bill Santilli
7th Grade Girls Coach - Jeff Syrjanen

MHSAA for Girls Basketball
MHSAA for Boys Basketball

2014 8th Grade Basketball
2014 7th Grade Basketball

2014 Lexi Gussert
2014 Dunking!

After 2014 win against WIC
2014 Regionals Game

2014 District Championship
2014 District Championship

2013 - 8th Grade Girls Baskeball Team
2013 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team

   2013 - 7th Grade Girls Baskeball Team
2013 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team


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Elementary Basketball:

Forest Park Community Schools Basketball Guidelines
List of Area Basketball Tournaments

Third through Sixth Grade Basketball Coaches are volunteers and can change every year.  There are no participation fees. Basketball tournaments are paid for by the participants and the uniforms/t-shirts of the players are paid for by the participants as well.

Wednesday Night Parent Son/Daughter Basketball Program
The Parent Son/Daughter Basketball Program will begin on the Wednesday in January. This program is recreational in nature and is designed to introduce our students to the fundamentals (dribbling, passing, shooting) of basketball. The program is open to all girls and boys in our district in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. Girls and boys in grades
K through 3rd will be in the High School gym from 5:30-6:30 pm. Girls and boys in 4th grade will be in the Elementary gym from 5:30-6:30 pm. Girls and boys in 5th and 6th grades will be in the High School gym from 6:30-7:30 pm. Students should bring their own basketballs and also wear gym shoes. A parent/guardian or responsible adult should accompany all students to help out as needed in order for the program to run smoothly.

This program is conducted by all volunteer help. The coaches in our girls and boys basketball programs will help as much as they are able to. However, we do need as much help from any parents or community members as we can get if this program is going to continue to be successful.

If there is no school because of inclement weather, there is no basketball. Cancellations for any other reasons will be announced in school.

2015 Wednesday Night Parent Son/Daughter Basketball Program


Saturday Buckets
Boys and Girls grades 3rd - 6th will learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball.  The program is led by the Forest Park coaches and volunteers. 


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